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ZERO TEST is solely a discovery of the STARS TALENT HUNT Team. The nomenclature indicates a kind of pre-test before the start of the real test. This test is a gate to enter the arena of multifarious entry tests in medical and engineering fields. 

Methodology: ZERO TEST is conducted for FSC/ICS part-II students. The test is designed as per medical colleges & engineering universities admittance tests. It is pertinent to mention here that the pattern is as per NMDCAT, PMC/ECAT requirement but the syllabus is from FSC part-II so that the students may not have any difficulty in solving the paper. 


So as to encourage the vast number of talented brains, huge attractive prizes are given to top students. 

  1. 1st position: CD 70 motorbike
  2. 2nd position (overall medical & engineering): Laptop
  3. 3rd position (overall medical & engineering): Android tab
  4. 4th position (overall medical & engineering): 5000 cash prize 
  5. 5th position (overall medical & engineering): 3000 cash prize
  6. Positions 6-10 (overall medical & engineering): special prizes 
  7. 100 Scholarships For Top 100 Students


The purpose is to prepare the students for the new leaves of their lives and enable them to have ideas about what different exams like MDCAT/ECAT/NUST/NUMS  are, so that they may initiate their journey with clear targets and the necessary techniques helpful to qualify for the same.

STARS endeavors to fish out the most talented brains of Pakistan. Come out, appear in ZERO TEST, struggle with the intricacies of questions, and dare to win. If you have guts, talent, expertise, knowledge, confidence, urge to shine in the skies; make sure you are the one STARS Academy is looking for. The decider Test do have the conceptual Questions as Per the Academic Standards of UHS, PMC, UET, NUST, GIKI, AKU, NUMS Entrance Test Queries.

The Test Distribution is as Follow

Pre-Medical Group (2nd Year Full Syllabus)
Time Duration: 90 Min.

English:10 MCQ
Biology:34 MCQ
Physics: 28 MCQ
Chemistry: 28
Logical Reasoning:5 MCQ
Pre-Engineering (2nd Year Full Syllabus)
Time Duration: 90 Min.

English:10 MCQ
Math:30 MCQ
Physics: 30 MCQ
Chemistry: 30

ICS Computer Science (2nd Year Full Syllabus)Time Duration: 90 Min.

English:10 MCQMath:30 MCQPhysics:30 MCQComputer:30

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